Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend during the week

Comin up I'm not going to be in town for the next few days. I know I don't update daily anyway, but this will delay it a little bit more.
In the meantime I wanna ask, have any of you done urban exploration? I wanna know stories. Better yet, do you know of any awesome places in southern california? I've gone to two places so far myself and would love to do more


  1. For southern california, go walk near the pier in Huntington Beach. It's awesome, and it's warm enough to enjoy it. Yet it's not tourist season, so it won't be packed...

    3rd street promenade in Santa Monica is fun too...

    Don't go too far inland. If you hit Ontario, Riverside, etc turn around. I'm from the "Inland Empire" and there isn't anything worthwhile to see over there.

  2. take it easy

    and i loved urban exploration as a kid :)
    nowadays i satisfy my need for it with game s like stalker

  3. i would like to visit southern california :)

  4. nah never did anything like that.

  5. great post. looking forward to reading your next one