Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 7- Cobh with Blarney, Honest and True Final

I want to give you guys an idea of the places we stayed at, a lot of them were very old and, while not extravagant, they had plenty to look at. I greatly enjoyed them all. Especially since, being a last-minute addition, I had every room to myself. It was amaaaazing

We ended the day at the Imperial Hotel. It was a very nice hotel, and very old. I explored a bit here, though not too many of the pictures are particularly great.

 Yeah these nice pieces are just sitting in the halls.
 I went on a brief trip out the fire doors which led to an alarmed door so I didn’t go further.
 Picture 666 oooOOoo


  1. wow looks cool my friend
    following and $upporting

  2. Is it just me, or does this place look haunted? You should go ask Autumnforest at 'Ghost Hunting Theories' to check this place out...

  3. To be honest, looks very very eerie. Like straight out from a haunted mansion game

  4. I can imagine two bloody twin girls standing at the end of that hall...

  5. as cool as it is to go check out a place like this. it does like kinda creepy

  6. it does look like it would be haunted!