Sunday, February 27, 2011


Not to overhype stuff but the next day is a really big one, I have a ton of pictures and I think a lot of them came out really well. If you guys have been enjoying it thus far I think you will like day 7. Here's a few teaser pics

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 6 - Cork and Organs but Neither Floating(Part 2)

Alright everyone, back to the trip!

This is a pretty good representation of the trip: Cloud cover with plenty of green
 A photo-stop on the way to Cork. I don't have the greatest camera and the purple ghosting is really evident in this picture, but I still like the view.
 A picture of everyone taking pictures!
I was definitely the youngest here by a fair margin
 Cork is a much more industrial port-town. It has it’s share of old buildings, but it doesn’t seem as preserved as Dublin or some of the cities we’ll head to later.
 Careful of convenient ramps, they might lead to water.

onight we stay at the Imperial Hotel. My room said ‘Executive Suite’ as far as I could tell all that meant was it was long instead of wide…and that they felt it was safe to put me in a room with a breaker box. 

I know not all of these were the same awesome imagery you're used to, but some contrast is helpful :p

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unexpected Break

Sup guys, I just wanted to let you know I ended up taking a weekend that wasn't so much during the weekend. It was awesome and I'll definitely get back to posting soon.  I just have to go to class and work first x.x

 Here's a few unpublished pics to tide you over in the meantime

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 6 - Cork and Organs but Neither Floating(Part 1)

 These are all a story from a trip in the summer of 09 by the way. I'm not in ireland at this moment :p

Cork is the next town we’ll be staying at. It’s South of Dublin a good distance and we’ll also be stopping at Kilkenny Castle and St Canice’s Cathedral.

The first stop we’re making is St. Canice’s Cathedral. Many of these churches actually still hold services, it’s impressive considering how much history so many of them have.

 You can see the round tower off to the side of the main entrance to the cathedral here.

The graves here still have a few open spots, all have been reserved for quite some time.

This pipe organ has been progressively restored over the years. I don’t recall how much it was worth at the time, needless to say it was obscenely expensive.

Back onto the bus and toward Kilkenny Castle.

A decent view of the grounds, partially ruined by that ever wonderful window glare

As I explored a bit I came upon this staircase, so I did what staircases demand: I descended.

And when I got to the bottom I saw it was roped off…Hmm, I hopped the rope and saw this. Nothing told me not to go down the stairs, just not to go up them?? I continued with a shrug and a "woops"

A staircase leading to what seemed to be the moat in previous years.

A shot of the town outside the castle.

The side of the castle from a bridge down the hill from said castle.

The castle again as we head away from it. You can see the windowsill and a bit of curtain here.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Someone requested more pictures of this specific area, which I am more than happy to do. So here's to you, D.B.!
I actually took copious amounts of pictures while there. If following my plan I'll only post about 300 of them, I have 900 something total. I am completely happy to post more of specific places if people want them. Just let me know!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 5 – Cemetaries, Gardens and Wool(Part 3)

Then we visited Avoca, a extremely small village that apparently exports wool goods and ate lunch. Imagine there’s pictures of looms and such here.
Next stop: Glendalough(Pronounced Glendaloc) an abandoned monastery and round tower. They gave us plenty of history for these places, I’ve just forgotten it.

This is pretty much all there is to see. The round tower and the chapel. There was a good walk up a hill I wanted to take, but pressed for time I wasn’t able to do both.
On our way back from the chapel


In the bus going back to Dublin

This ends our day and our stay in Dublin. Something interesting: The country is a lot further north than you might expect. It’s about as far as Ketchikan in Alaska and it stays light out till almost 11 at night during the summer. The sun also rises at about 4:30 in the morning.
Tomorrow we head to Cork, Kilkenny Castle and St. Canice’s Cathedral.