Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 8 – Killarney and Sleeping in the Court.

After we were done in Bantry we headed to some docks to ride a boat to Garinish Island. We were told it was an island a family was going to build a mansion on. They had planted all the gardens and built the walls but then the wife died and it never happened. The island was eventually granted to the Irish government.

Our wonderful boat.  
 The ride itself was peaceful enough. The water was very calm.

 Suddenly the Captain cut the engine and we floated quietly by a set of rocks. Wait, on the rocks is that? Yes it is-  Seaaaaaals

After this we arrived at the island, it's a BIG post so here's a spoiler for you guys. I'll probably end up splitting the island into about two posts
After that short ride we arrived at the island proper. The entire island was pretty much gardens. It had walls and a few small buildings but no major housing structures.