Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 12 – Farewell to a Fun Group and a Great Country

I think I can actually fit the whole day on one post now, the pictures are winding down as the trip draws to a close.

Today we’re going to Limerick and then travelling to Bunratty Castle and Folkpark to spend most of the day. Bunratty is the “most complete and authentic medieval castle in Ireland” it was restored in 1954 and had its accompanying village built as well.
Bunratty grounds.

More of the Grounds
My Grandma’s maiden last name was Jones!
Bunratty Village
They look dead but they aren’t. It was field trip day and kids were running around EVERYWHERE. I imagine the dogs were just exhausted by all the attention.

Finally, Bunratty Castle itself.

Who do they expect to fit through a door like that?
In your country takin pictures of you nappin'
We get on the coach and head to Limerick. We’ll be staying at the Strand, a modern hotel. It was very nice and had good accommodations.

This doesn't wrap up the entire day, there's still a bit more to go.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 11 – The Best has Passed but it’s still Great(p3)

Continuing on, slowly but surely. I'll make it guys, I will!
These are peat bogs where they cut those bricks earlier from. They have to leave them out for weeks while they dry. The land is very spongy and it feels a bit like walking on a mattress that may suck you in if you jump too high on it.

We stopped at Cong, the village where apparently the Quiet Man was based out of? I’d never heard of the movie but a few people on the tour got really worked up about being there.

We also visited this pottery place where Alex had ordered plates for the women on the tour.

 The owner had a huge, really friendly dog. He was a lot of fun. I’m not sure if his size is shown well enough but I would say he probably weighed around 120lbs.
 We end in Galway at the Ardilaun and prepare for our last day of the tour.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 11 – The Best has Passed but it’s still Great(p2)

I swear, it's amazing how easy it is to drop a blog way down on your priorities once you have a lot of stuff going on. To those still following I really am gonna finish, I said I would I'll do it.
Another amazing picture

 Speaking of Connemara Marble, all of the marble in this chapel is that same marble and it looks amazing. All those colors are marble: blue, white, red, black and green. I just wish the shots had come out more clear.

 Outside after the rain had stopped.

 Goodbye Abbey. Hate to leave but love to watch while I go :D

More of day 11 next time, but Kylemore made for the best pictures of this day by far. I bloody love them

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 11 – The Best has Passed but it’s still Great

Today we’ll be visiting Kylemore Abbey and Connemara, as well as a visit to the Connemara Marble cutters and ending at the Ardilaun in Galway again.
They’re burning peat logs. They have a very different smell than wood, it’s earthy and quite pleasant.
I've also since had scotch made with peat, it was amazing.

 The Connemara Marble place, perhaps their headquarters?
 I got a piece here. A dark green cutout in the shape of Ireland.

 Kylemore Abbey has an astounding profile. Seeing it emerge from the trees next to the lake as we approached was beyond words. This entire setting was just so very exquisite.

I'll finish Kylemore next time, there's still a lot of pictures of it

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 10 - Anticipation, So much to do...So little time(p4)

Continuing along, so slowly I know. I've been really sick recently. Then my sick as hell friend came along and got me sick again, it's not been the best two weeks.

We headed to The Burrens and passed this wonderful bar.
 Sections of the Burrens, which are large areas of bare limestone.

 Another nice view.
 And a bull. Moo
 A couple of my definite favorite pics here, I love how these two came out.

 We arrive at the Ardilaun in Galway. It was quite the classy place and, as for the whole trip, I had the room to myself. Being a last minute addition had quite the advantages. Being able to spread out across beds this big is a luxury I don’t think I’ll be granted very often.

 Coming along, tomorrow is Day 11- Almost finished, for those that are actually still following