Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 9 - Ring 'Round the Kerry(p2)

WOW okay I finally get a chance, here you go guys
Another stop on the Ring of Kerry. A rare insight into how they make modern buildings look old.

 We were actually here to watch this man herd sheep with his dogs. It was very impressive just how well he commanded the dogs and how completely the dogs followed every whistle he made.
 He used the entire hill. Only one of the two pups. For the biggest herds he says you only need three dogs max.


  1. Cool, i'm going to Kenmare in about 2 weeks.

  2. it looks beautiful, and the dog also :)

  3. I lol at that dog just resting there.

  4. in the world of guitars, its called relic'ing.
    nice pics