Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 8 - Killarney and Sleeping in the Court (p6)

I know I disappoint with how slow I update sometimes, school + work + extra time is spent doing whatever needs done means I'm fucking tired most of the time.
This is the final one for the day
We arrived back at Killarney and went to Randle’s Court who made sure to let us know we can’t lose the keys; Apparently each room was keyed individually and they had few, if any, copies.

 After a short break it was time to explore. It was still early in the day and Killarney is a huge tourist town...I didn't take many pictures of it, though

Then it was time to sleep to get ready for the next day


  1. So many pubs are named after Killarney. None of them as good as the pubs actually *in* killarney.

    Don't worry about the infrequent posting. Just make sure to come visit your followers every once in a while too. We miss yer comments.

  2. Seems comfortable enough. Not like you'll stay in the room the whole time :D

  3. personally i don't find tourist towns all that fun. great to know! keep it up man!

  4. Fancy hotel and I lol'd at the racing streets