Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 9 - Ring 'Round the Kerry

If you guys thought all that day 8 was big, you're in for another one. Although it won't be as big as yesterday: Here's part 1
Today is going to be a very big day. We’re driving the Ring of Kerry which is supposed to have some of the best scenery in Ireland. We’ll pass through a few small towns and make some stops but much of the day will be driving and taking in the sights. We’ll end at Randles Court again.
Our driver, guides and planners doing what they do best: Discussing. The man in blue was to be a temporary driver for Nigel who would go over his allowed time driving without a rest if he drove us around all day.

 Shortly afterward, we were underway
Our first photo stop.

 I don't remember the story behind this guy, but it was entertaining
The big trip around the ring and the main stops will begin on the next post!


  1. oh man looks nice and sunny!

  2. What a beautiful horse... i'm going to name it Buttons!

  3. oh man... i live in the city and you just dont see horses often these days
    it's really a shame

  4. nice weather! rain rain rain here :(

  5. Ok that's weird, i'm going to Kerry, June 11th.

  6. Ahhh Ireland, The country that every Renaissance bases its buildings off from ;)