Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 3 - The Real Tour Begins(First half)

Day 3
Various pictures of Dublin. It’s their capitol city and it is extremely well preserved. Most of the buildings are protected and restored rather than new ones being built. The streets are incredibly confusing and there is tons of pedestrian traffic. Also street signs are posted on the sides of buildings and only at the beginning and end of the street, not regularly at intersections. They had huge amounts of fireplaces in use to heat the houses when they were originally built, often one in every room, thus the reason for the silly amount of chimneys.

The Prime Minister’s(Taioseach) residence

This is apparently the most photographed door in Ireland. Not all of the buildings have double doors, only the ones where nobility would enter. It was a custom in the past for only double doors to be opened to nobility. 

The street the door resided on

They have 4 Georgian Squares in Dublin, large parks that used to be closed to the public and only people living in the area had keys to their gates. Today all except Fitzwilliams are open to the public.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral. (The stained glass pictures came out poorly)  

I was loving how the staircase looked with the flash lighting it.

More inside the Cathedral


  1. Wow these are some awesome photos, I especially enjoy the spiral staircase.

  2. I love Ireland so much that I visit it twice a year. The country is awesome and the people are nice. Singing and drinking are a perfect match ;)

  3. I want to go so bad. Lucky.
    I will defiantly follow daily for more greatness.

  4. Would love to visit. My grandparents went to Dublin for 2 weeks and I've heard nothing but praise.

  5. Your so lucky! I would give me left arm to visit those places :(

  6. I love Ireland, I hope to go back this summer or so!

  7. That spiral staircase is amazing! Nice photos. :D