Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 12 – Farewell to a Fun Group and a Great Country

I think I can actually fit the whole day on one post now, the pictures are winding down as the trip draws to a close.

Today we’re going to Limerick and then travelling to Bunratty Castle and Folkpark to spend most of the day. Bunratty is the “most complete and authentic medieval castle in Ireland” it was restored in 1954 and had its accompanying village built as well.
Bunratty grounds.

More of the Grounds
My Grandma’s maiden last name was Jones!
Bunratty Village
They look dead but they aren’t. It was field trip day and kids were running around EVERYWHERE. I imagine the dogs were just exhausted by all the attention.

Finally, Bunratty Castle itself.

Who do they expect to fit through a door like that?
In your country takin pictures of you nappin'
We get on the coach and head to Limerick. We’ll be staying at the Strand, a modern hotel. It was very nice and had good accommodations.

This doesn't wrap up the entire day, there's still a bit more to go.

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