Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 11 – The Best has Passed but it’s still Great(p3)

Continuing on, slowly but surely. I'll make it guys, I will!
These are peat bogs where they cut those bricks earlier from. They have to leave them out for weeks while they dry. The land is very spongy and it feels a bit like walking on a mattress that may suck you in if you jump too high on it.

We stopped at Cong, the village where apparently the Quiet Man was based out of? I’d never heard of the movie but a few people on the tour got really worked up about being there.

We also visited this pottery place where Alex had ordered plates for the women on the tour.

 The owner had a huge, really friendly dog. He was a lot of fun. I’m not sure if his size is shown well enough but I would say he probably weighed around 120lbs.
 We end in Galway at the Ardilaun and prepare for our last day of the tour.


  1. So cool, just imagine the people long forgotten who walked where you are now.

  2. Beautiful photography. Abandoned ruins are so fascinating.