Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 1(Pre-Tour)

Something of note, yeah if you search these posts you'll find another site with the exact stuff. I'm copying my stuff over to this blog so my friend doesn't have to keep hosting it.

This is the first day in Ireland. The tour hasn’t begun yet so we have time to burn doing whatever we want in Dublin. We plan on going places the tour isn’t going so we won’t see anything twice.
We landed at around 11 and got a taxi to our hotel, the Trinity Capital. Upon walking in we were greeted with a pretty interesting reception area. I didn’t get to admire it much right away. As we checked in they told us the rooms would be ready around 2. I wasn’t aware of just how tired I was. I sat in a chair to wait I quickly found out just how tired and fell asleep for an hour.

I was woken by Mom saying I had to get up, my first question was “Is it 2 yet?” with the answer of “No, it’s 1″ I fell back onto the chair fully intent on falling asleep again. She pulled me back up saying I had to go to the room. Utterly zombified, walking in a dream, I took my luggage to the elevator and went to my room. I don’t remember walking down the hall very well, I just remember Mom exclaiming “Oh my god look at your room, it’s so much better than mine, YOU HAVE A WHIRLPOOL BATH? We’re switching rooms” to which I replied “Okay yeah sure” and fell onto the bed. I remember nothing else except that I woke up at midnight and watched a movie for about 3 hours and then fell asleep until 7.

Some people may say that I completely wasted a day but I contend by saying I was completely adjusted to Ireland time and my sleeping schedule was perfect for the entire trip after this day.

Also this is our hotel, it was built into a combined fire station as well. We changed to the Hilton once the tour started.


  1. Dude, I wish I could travel... one of my favorite things to do. Lucky you!


  2. Sounds like a great trip! Following.

  3. I hope you visited the Guinness Brewery. If I ever go to Ireland, that will be my FIRST stop!